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this seems very "artistic"

this animation is the kind that makes me watch it again and again to figure out what it truly means
i like your 3 simple colors and how you animated them... but it goes a little too fast at start.
the animation itself is also very smooth and you have a good technique

you get 3 stars from me cause i believe that what you mostly can get from this
keep it up^^


... well i think i needed some context in this animation or something... the animation itself is okay i can clearly see you don't use black outlines and that made the left character fade away a little
music was intense.. voices was barely understand able as in i could only understand what he said in a sekound watch... like the loading bar though... "join the soup squad" kinda made me feel this was big

anyways 2 stars from me... keep it up

TophatSoup responds:

You should consider joining, I bet we would like you with this kind review.

i enjoyed that video very much

your animation is really smooth and i liked that you took your time at the beginning but after seeing that for around 2 min the rest of the video felt "hasted" or something like that

as mentioned this video is smooth and nice, the position of the female felt a little of at some point but that doesn't matter, the sound is great but felt a little off at the end and the scene shifts very nicely done.

i see gr8 potential here and i want you to keep it up^^

one question though... you mentioned that you did everything by yourself... did that include the female voice :p

pinoytoons responds:

nah . i got the voice from an adult video hehe. i just did the editing

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funny little game

can't say much more about it... you sorta get kicked into action when you first clicked new game. it would be nice to have a yellow text with arrow saying"find the words in here" just to get "the players" started.

btw batwoman looks like catwoman for me... just saying

Tfrez responds:

You're right ! It's a mistake I have to correct it ! :)

well... this is a very small and clearly themed game

didn't feel this was so much fun again... and can't see the necessary in having a score because getting the big score is more about luck than skillz... but really nice putted together though i loved the art and music but i found nothing new or interesting at all

2 stars this time still... keep up the effort to make better games^^

really nice artwork here...

the style suits point and click game but i had much trouble figuring out it was a point and click game

game for smart people... i didn't feel very smart after i solved the puzzles... there is no shame in letting the player click and combine everything they gather them self... it shows that they have to think self, i kinda nobrained this hole game clicking on everything until it was combined and then i clicked some more stuff until i beat the lvl... i know the same can be said if you combined the items self but i believe it still pulls fort more game play.

anyways i liked the art and colors and want to see more from you so keep it up^^

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edge of fate pretty precisly name

this song could be used in many movies

i just love it

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